Neil Campbell“Twenty years from now, if I get asked to come up with a list of records or artists that speak of the late 2000s, then Neil Campbell’s Astral Social Club, and very definitely this second full-length for VHF, will be on it. The collision of electronic and acoustic textures is extreme and compelling all at once – spastic drum machines, flickering synthesizer riffs, mangled guitar lines and countless other bits of sonic debris cluttering and then overloading the stereo spectrum. This density of sonic information, packed into every ASC piece, overwhelms, and aurally approximates our own daily information flood, suggesting that instead of resisting it, maybe we should ride it.” (Matthew Wuethrich, dusted)

“Neil Campbell is a one-man subculture. In 30 years of music-making in various configurations of improvised rock, psychedelia and electronics, he has released hundreds of hours of recordings, mainly in micro-editions of home-produced cassette, CD or mp3, and collaborated endlessly with a global network of musicians that have fallen through the cracks of genre or stylistic allegiance. Since separating from Leeds-based guitar drone group Vibracathedral Orchestra in 2006, he has mainly concentrated on his activities as Astral Social Club.” (Joe Muggs, the arts desk)

“Given Neil Campbell’s musical track record, it may be surprising to hear him state that, “I don’t take psychedelic drugs.” With a penchant for experimentation, Campbell’s hallucinogenically inclined pallet has been an important presence on the British side of the experimental pond for years now. Having left the rock-drone pursuits of Vibracathedral Orchestra in favor of his own unit, Campbell continues to explore levels of electronic catharsis on this album, which moves from techno-inspired ravers to drifting expanses of electrified psychedelia.” (Henry Smith, brainwashed)

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