Vibracathedral Orchestra “REC-REH 13”

recreh13We made up around 50 copies of this CDR to distribute at our recent Cafe Oto gig, and came back with a small number.

A full hour’s worth of binaural recordings from last summer’s sessions at The Chapel Lab, all packaged in individual covers printed by Adam Davenport.

Hot-to-trot music by Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell, Adam Davenport, Michael Flower and John Godbert, all copies now gone.

4 responses to “Vibracathedral Orchestra “REC-REH 13”

  1. Well, blinking plop, missed you lot at Oto :-( ever since TimeOut went freebie and dropped its extensive music listings I’ve been completely in the dark re: gigs. Ne’er mind. Sure it was marvellous – btw Dylan Nyoukis is here in a month or so – we went round to his gig that time you were doing ‘Venus’ at Oto
    Hope to catch you down here agin soon – drop us a line ( ) – am also up for dusting off the MS10 for noise abuse ( I don’t JUST do the minimalist drone I started the Truant set with, y’know )

    • astralsocialclub

      ah, shd’ve though to tip you off – sorry! Was a blast anyway. May have work-related night in London early April – will let you know when + maybe we can meet up? hope all well.

  2. Link to the bigcartel page not working. Any of the VCO one left?

    • astralsocialclub

      sorry – just removed link. Yeah, all long-gone, i’m afraid. We may make some more up at some point, not sure.

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