Oystercatcher Salad

Last September, I played as part of a great bill at Leeds’ Recon Festival, along with Richard Dawson, The Bohman Brothers and The Pheromoans. I prepared a piece for quadraphonic sound collage and glissando guitar, while Paul Walsh showed one of hiss cut-up films. Immediately after I played, Dan Thomas from Sheepscar Light Industrial asked… Continue reading Oystercatcher Salad



I’ve just done a mix for my Mexican comrades Decayed Tapes. After much conceptual wrangling on my part, trying and rejecting various harebrained ideas, it ended up being a simple selection of music I like right now – some new music, some old favourites, no stylistic thread particularly, just something I’d enjoy playing myself. Listening back… Continue reading PULSER GRID BREAKTHROUGH mix

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Coney Island

A music collaboration between Derek Morton and Neil Campbell. Video by Derek Morton.

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Union Pole!

My old friend Jeff Fuccillo has recently resurected his 90s tape label Union Pole, home to a few of my old releases. In addition to new material and offereing the entire Union Pole back-catalogue for download for a dollar (that’s a dollar for it ALL), he’s also making a few projected releases available that slipped… Continue reading Union Pole!

Half Japanese “School of Love” = yeah!

I was asked recently to answer some questions for the regular Under the Influence feature in the Leeds freebie music mag Vibrations. The gist of it all was to pick one song that I felt had shaped my entire musical/artistic world in some way. Well, songs are OK I suppose, but they’re merely vessels for… Continue reading Half Japanese “School of Love” = yeah!

Agdam compilation CD

I’ve just received a pile of copies of this compilation on Agdam records, straight out of Azerbaijan. Many thanks to Ahmed over there, who selected 7 meaty tracks from the many hours’ worth of tape I provided him with and assembled them on a full-to-the-brim 79 minute CD in an edition of 500. Nice work.… Continue reading Agdam compilation CD