tuskI now have copies of the new trio LP I recorded live at last year’s TUSK festival with Oren Ambarchi and Mick Flower. The 35 minutes on the LP are the sum total of all the music we’ve ever played together as a trio, ie Mick and I had never played with Oren before and we had no rehearsal or soundcheck. It was a pretty wild set, Oren fitting right in and giving us a load of extra rocket-power, the packed crowd spurring us on, sound being great, etc etc. The LP is a good document of the night too. Hopefully we’ll be repeating this trio at some point before too long.

HOMZAlso just out is another brain-frying Early Hominids CDR, “GOODBYE PA / NO MORE DTs”. This comprises two complete live performances at Leeds’ Wharf Chambers, and covers quite a bit of ground over and above our regular electronic ache. So much so that various of our past supporters have found sections of it wildly objectionable.

Both of these very fine releases are available to buy as physical product from my bigcartel shop. The Ambarchi/Campbell/Flower LP is also available as a digital download directly from TUSK.

Coney Island

A music collaboration between Derek Morton and Neil Campbell. Video by Derek Morton.

Vibracathedral Orchestra “REC-REH 13″

recreh13We made up around 50 copies of this CDR to distribute at our recent Cafe Oto gig, and came back with a small number.

A full hour’s worth of binaural recordings from last summer’s sessions at The Chapel Lab, all packaged in individual covers printed by Adam Davenport.

Hot-to-trot music by Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell, Adam Davenport, Michael Flower and John Godbert, all copies now gone.